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Chelsea Renee MAT
4 min readMar 11, 2021


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Our writers dazzle readers, shedding light with limitless boundaries of what you may find. Be it eclectic, sophisticated, eloquent, informational, controversial, and sometimes provocative, our writers invite readers to reach into their souls, hearts, and minds.

Predetermined subjects do not enslave illumination; our writers engage their audience by radiating originality that reaches the depths of their being. And other times, they are just funny, creative, and willing to share their experiences others dare not write.

The glory of Illumination is the writers’ step into the spotlight, without censorship, without judgment. In turn, our publication extends olive branches to freedom of thought that resonates deep into the heart of the reader.

Featured today are prolific writers whose area of expertise ranges from philosophy, business, life lessons, and poetry. The only theme you will find is that each writer chose Illumination to share their very best work. The reason why? We illuminate excellence.

Dr. L. Sebastain Purcell

Dr. L. Sebastian Purcell can be likened to the ancient philosopher Aristotle. Except, there is a twist. This Interim Chair of Philosophy at State University of New York College at Cortland also delves deep into Aztec philosophy, a study on the rise due to the instructional way the Aztecs simplified how to lead a worthwhile life.

Dr. Purcell is featured in Forbes, BBC News, Time, Business Insider, Aeon, and many more. Humble in nature, logical in conviction, Dr. Purcell amplifies accountability and a willingness to be vulnerable using teachings that delineate common social constructs.

Please enjoy this feature story about Dr. Purcell. It may change the way you think and live.

Roger Reid PH.D

Much like Dr. Purcell, Dr. Reid enriches the careers of many by explaining by creating a literal handbook of how to be a…



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