Rediscovering the Universe

Chelsea Renee MAT
3 min readJul 20, 2022

A short tale of awe, wonder, and love

Image by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Freedom in the late-night sky beckoned my son to wake me up the other night at 3 am. A long-awaited telescope arrived earlier that week for my son to view the universe on the deck of our four-story house.

Obliging him, we climbed up the ladder onto the deck. Summoning his excitement, he watched as I peered through the telescope where Saturn awaited me in all its glory! Forgotten, did I, remember the of the awe and wonder the universe holds. This precious moment fueled my baren soul in the stillness of that moment.

And as if my son had seen Santa, he summoned all his might to deliver me back into a world without stress or fear. I simply stared at the stars with curiosity, knowing that this would be sealed into my heart for the rest of my life.

And I remembered joy and laughter, the smell of fresh bread cooking, and friends that had come and gone in the temporary manner that life often brings. But most importantly, an abundance of love wrapped me in the white light as lovely as an angel’s song.

Sometimes the moon is forsaken, especially by those who love the sun. But the moon that night was crystal clear. And I gallantly disposed of my worries and despair, traveling to a place where I suddenly knew my life would continue to be better than I ever could imagine.

Parts of my life flashed by my eyes.

“I am not my story,” I realized. The past, an illusion, the future unknown, I merely existed in the presence of this magnificent sky. Deeply I breathed in, exhaling traumatic experiences I wore like a badge of honor as if I had no choice but to hold on.

But my world morphed into colorful milky ways peering again and again through the telescope.

With no understanding of how a young thirteen-year-old boy changed my view of the world, I stood untethered to memories that played tricks in my mind, and I bathed in the silky sight of the glowing moon.

And I pondered my life and how it would end, certain that when I died, even through all the muck and the pain and the horrors we see or experience, love would always prevail. The only requirement is to stay mindful.

Mindfulness allows one to witness the love of which I speak: not just romantic love, but powerful energy that is always present when one chooses willingly to keep their mind open to possibility.

And I am thankful. Thankful for all the love I receive and all the love I seem to have inside me. How I became that lucky, I do not know. Born into a broken home, neighbors on all sides loved me like I was their child. And still, do to this day.

While each day passes and we redefine our hustle, we lose the essence of why we are alive. It is not lost, only buried by imaginary monsters we still hide from in our closets at bedtime.But remember, LOVE ALWAYS PREVAILS: sometimes it takes the universe to reflect upon the divinity within us all.

Therefore, keep your heart open, be willing to be vulnerable, and sink into the person you are inside, and you will feel that love, too. Just try. The universe will always wait for you to remember that love and hate are choices, and we are all made from the stardust in the night’s sky.



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