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Benefits are endless

Chelsea Renee MAT
2 min readDec 17, 2020


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ILLUMINATION is a significant publication growing rapidly serving while serving over 6,000 writers. If you meet our selected set of criteria, we look forward to your application. In addition to ILLUMINATION-Curated and Technology Hits, editors are needed to help publish stories by our writers in a timely manner and to delight our readers with fresh content.

Our 42 editors across the globe contribute to our publications free of charge allowing our many publications to run and operate smoothly while uplifting writers into our myriad of promotional strategies to further the success of our publications and highlight our strategy to cross-pollinate writers into viral successes.

As you may know, publications do not earn an income on Medium. Expenses are covered by the owner of the publications. Due to the limited support of Medium offers larger publications, I shoulder the cost by incurring the additional services we provide. This is fine for me at this stage as I enjoy my investment as long as our writers and readers are happy.


If you want to contribute to our writers and readers by publishing stories you can show your interest as a response to this post and directly approach me on our Slack workspace. Slack is the prerequisite for editors to communicate and discuss crucial decisions that ate mamde3 daily behind the scenes.

Our writers and readers can enjoy the chemistry and community via Slack workspace. As an indispensable tool, Slack broadens our ability to seek feedback, submit work, communicate issues, and create invaluable friendships.


The set of criteria for ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, and
Technology Hits 1 is as follows:

· Excellent writing and reading skills in English.

· Being an MPP member.

· Having published at least 10 stories in one of our publications.

· Being a member of our Slack workspace.

· To have empathy and compassion for writers, especially for new writers.

· Making a commitment to publishing at least three stories per day.

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Editorial privilege to publish your own articles

Opportunity to build your network using our large writer and reader base

Deepening your relationship with writers and readers by creating featured stories and editorial bulletins

Improving your editorial skills

Using your skills as a reference for your freelancing jobs

Being part of a community that works towards a common good

If you have additional suggestions you may add it here.



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