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Everyday mortal, person, human, eccentric, unconventional and educated

The inevitable outcome of involving yourself in other people’s business

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My general manager began making sexual innuendos to the younger girls on staff at the restaurant in which I bartended after a recent separation from his wife. For instance, if a young woman asked for the keys to the office, he would tell her to grab them from out of his front pocket with her hand. Or he would ask them to drink with him after their shift. This placed the young females in an awkward position that infuriated me.

My workplace was fraught with dysfunction, and the example of…

How it affects your life

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This is the thought that woke me up from a nightingale sleep as if I was experiencing it in real-time. Walking into his hospital room, my cousin, Chris was sitting up being soothed by his loved ones. He looked up and saw my brother and me and began to hyperventilate.

A single tear rolled down his eye, and we were rushed out of the room.

The sight of Chris seeing his cousins signaled to him that his situation was dire. …

Feature writers that shine

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Our writers dazzle readers, shedding light with limitless boundaries of what you may find. Be it eclectic, sophisticated, eloquent, informational, controversial, and sometimes provocative, our writers invite readers to reach into their souls, hearts, and minds.

Predetermined subjects do not enslave illumination; our writers engage their audience by radiating originality that reaches the depths of their being. And other times, they are just funny, creative, and willing to share their experiences others dare not write.

The glory of Illumination is the writers’ step into the spotlight, without censorship, without judgment. …

An editorial: The First Amendment

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Is this the land of the free? I am just not sure anymore. But how could I find out if I wanted to anyway? The slanted news engages in emotional tactics that replace logic.

It is highly known that once someone becomes emotional in an argument, they are have already been defeated. This whole nation lost its edge, and they are still fighting each day about uncorroborated facts under the clause of freedom of speech: a clause we lost the minute the members of Congress.

And we…we became pawns in a game we unknowingly play to obtain material objects with…

Great article. In the past six months I was forced to manage my stress. It was either go blind or let go of stressors. I have been successful in ruling out events that do not need my attention and I am aware of the good stress: BRING IT ON. Geat article Dr. Yildiz!

Children do not do this at home

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Dare I say unconventional?
They will whisper for awhile.
But ever since I was born,
I have had no routine at all.

I am a caring person,
Playful but forbearing.
However, when examing my style,
People cannot stop glaring.

My teeth are brushed a dozen times,
I do not eat three meals a day.
I am told I need a schedule.
But my work gets done anyway.

I have moved and I have traveled
Discovering in wonder
Experiencing events few ever will
With piss, and might, and thunder.

To know me is to love me.
From afar, I might seem…

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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We do not advance on the path alone. The evolution of our species is built upon an unconscious necessity to mirror each other. These remarkable “mirror neurons” simultaneously collaborate behavior and observation, creating a domino effect: much like flow, when we interact with each other.

For instance, you are sitting with Johnny at lunch. The measure of your relationship is irrelevant. Within moments as you talk, you and Johnny begin to mirror each other's non-verbal cues and simultaneously merge feelings of each other, eliminating separation and nurturing synergy.

Synergy- the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or…

A Poem

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Twas 11 days after Christmas
And all thru my home
Ornaments hung
And the lights lightly moaned

Daddy on his bike again
And me, in my cap
Had just settled down
For a long winter’s nap

The child all nestled
Snug in his bed
Muttered Santa’s not real dad
I think at this point he is dead

But the tree in the corner
Knew of his plight
Prickly and fickle
He’d put up a fight

So the days
They will pass
Soon it will be Spring
and daddy, oh daddy
Will not move a thing

But St. Nick
Wears a smile

Relax: My hands were dirty anyway

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We parked facing the store. While the store remains popular, my previous visits amount to the grand total of one. Reason justifies that Walmart is cheaper. I know y reasoning well. I have confronted it before. Plus, at Walmart, I am free to talk to myself and answer, something I call a SuperPerk.

Light perspiration constitutes beads of sweat on the back of my neck. My reason for entering is slightly inconclusive. Aisles, filled with items, to better manage one’s belongings. At the same time, clutter makes me visibly uncomfortable. I am overwhelmed by the array of options before me…

Benefits are endless

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ILLUMINATION is a significant publication growing rapidly serving while serving over 6,000 writers. If you meet our selected set of criteria, we look forward to your application. In addition to ILLUMINATION-Curated and Technology Hits, editors are needed to help publish stories by our writers in a timely manner and to delight our readers with fresh content.

Our 42 editors across the globe contribute to our publications free of charge allowing our many publications to run and operate smoothly while uplifting writers into our myriad of promotional strategies to further the success of our publications and highlight our strategy to cross-pollinate…

Chelsea Mandler MAT

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